About us

Junior Apparel was borne out of frustration that our kids are expected to wear stereotypical clothes.

We were bored of the generic ‘pink or blue’ colour typecasting. ‘Pink for girls’ and ‘Blue for boys’ is a thing of the past (or should be!)

Really? We can do better than this. (See more of JeongMee Yoon’s work here)

Having created our own family of fun, feistiness and frivolity, we got tired with the standard, predictable clothes offering for our children. Rather than boil-in-the-bag sludgery for boys, and bubblegum sugar rush for girls, we wanted clothing that represented an exuberant attitude to life. One that doesn’t conform to out-dated and unnecessary gender stereotypes.

We’re not against pink for girls or blue for boys, but looking at the choice available in most high street stores, we felt there’s more than enough of that out there already. Apart from anything else, it’s b-o-r-i-n-g…

So, we decided to do something about it.

We believe that children should be allowed to wear what they want, be able to express themselves. We want to encourage children to be happy and feel good. To create their own identity, not defined by the ‘run of the mill’ pink and blue.

We want unique, fun clothes for children. Clothes that can be worn by either a boy or girl. Clothes that don’t pigeon-hole or typecast children, but let them get on with being young, and being themselves.

To achieve this, we invited selected children’s illustrators to join us to create a unique collection of genuinely unisex clothing to inspire, reassure and recognise the importance of encouraging your kids to be free.

We have lions, foxes, and kapows! Science, ice cream and animals, oh yes! Designs are available on baby bodysuits, t-shirts, and kids’ hoodies. And all fabrics are super soft.

The sizes fit the kids, not the gender. Move, dance, run, jump, climb and leap about in comfort and style, with the boost of joy that comes from expressing yourself freely.

We would love to hear from you about your family and your Junior Apparel favourites, but also any design suggestions that would suit your gang, or anything you feel we could add to our collection, that fits with our ethos. Contact us today for a friendly chat.

– Jenny